Is the on-line and on-site event store for Equal Mark LLC, that offers a place to browse and shop where the focus is on you so you can be proud to buy pride.

equalmart offers, but is not limited to, merchandise with original Equal Mark trademarked brand designs and symbols and is the exclusive provider of the First and Only Universal Marriage Equality and Marriage Pride symbol  to represent equality and pride in marriage for gay and same-sex couples around the world.

The store boasts a variety of equality, pride and other products to include flags, pennants, banners, apparel, headwear, jewelry, decorations and much more to come stemming from American Pride to Global Equality.  Large and custom orders can also be accommodated, as well as, the personalization of items or even the addition of new ones by simply suggesting your ideas.

Equalmark uses proceeds from purchases to donate in support of the efforts to increase awareness regarding equality of rights and pride.  Non-profit and grassroots organizations are also enabled with unique programs to offer equalmart items to help with their fundraising goals so that they may continue to provide the services for the people and causes they represent.